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Phytor updates

November 2019

DxPx Conference

Dusseldorf, Germany 


Dr. Yehoshua Maor presented at the Diagnostic and Research Tools Partnering Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany about a saliva-based diagnostic method for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Phytor was selected as a finalist and was awarded a certificate recognizing its excellence. 

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July 2019

Phytor hosts the Next Step Israel Internships program

This summer, July-August 2019, Phytor and Resorcix hosted three American high school students as part of the Next Step Israel Internships program. This program offers prestigious internships for teens who are interested in gaining hands-on experience and exposure in the field of their choice. At the same time, the program gives the teens an opportunity to experience Israel and its culture, giving them an appreciation for their land and heritage.

Over the course of their internship the students were given a glimpse of the process of drug development, beginning with a plant collected from the wild and culminating with a product that can be a candidate for treatment. While of course this is impossible in just a few short weeks, they were able to gain some experience in each stage of the process. The stages include extraction, evaporation, and concentration of extract. They were then showed how to perform chemical analysis on the extracts, test the extracts using several kinds of biological assays, and perform the required data analysis to determine whether the extracts can indeed be candidates for treatment. Additionally, they were tasked with researching literature for different current cancer treatments and attempting to determine the mechanisms of action and immunological applications of the treatments using the skills and understanding that they gained throughout their internship.


June 2019

International Cannabinoid Research Society Annual Symposium 

Dr. Yehoshua Maor presented at the 29th annual ICRS Symposium in Bethesda, MD. His topic of discussion was a toxicological profile of selected terpenoids present in cannabis and in other plants, with a focus on beta-caryophyllene. 


July 2018

Phytor hosts the Next Step Israel Internships program

Next Step Israel Internships is a 5-week competitive internship, in Israel, for teens who want to experience working in a field of their choice. 

March 2018

SOT annual meeting and


Dr. Yehoshua Maor attended the annual SOT  in San Antonio and the TOXEXPO.

June 2017

Full member of SOT.

Dr. Yehoshua Maor has been accepted as full member of the prestigious SOT Society of Toxicology in the United States. The SOT is committed 

14-26 May 2017

Dr. Yehoshua Maor at the Innovation Bridge Program of Merage Institue

Dr. Yehoshua Maor has been awarded a fellowship in the Merage Innovation Bridge Program in California. The Merage Institute is committed to promoting trade as a vehicle to economic growth between Israel and the United States. 

9 -11 May 2017

Phytor at the Vitafoods Europe 2017

Our team presented at the annual Vitafoods Europe conference

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