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Expertise, Knowledge & Integrity at your service.

          Phytor lab state of the art equipment is at the disposal of strategic partners who wish to utilize our capabilities for outsourcing R&D. 
Our highly skilled team may add great value to your project, ranging from bench to business.

Our development services

Tissue Culture and Cell-Based Assays

Proliferation assays

Cytotoxicity assays

Anti-cancer screening

            Monolayer and spheroidal

Invasion and migration assays

Transepithelial/transendothelial electrical resistance (TEER)

Glucose uptake assay

Cellular protein analysis (Western blot)

RNA & DNA Quantification analysis


Key Instrumentation

Spark Tecan Plate Reader

Applied Biosystems Step One Plus Real Time PCR System

Millicell ERS-2 Eíthelial Volt Ohm Meter

Azure Biosystems  for Protein Gel, DNA Gel, And Western Blot Imaging And Analysis

Chemistry, Chromatography, and Chemical Analysis

Organic synthesis

Natural product extraction and filtration

Semi-natural synthesis

Chromatographic purification

Analysis and small scale purification

Structural analysis and characterization


 Key Instrumentation

BUCHI Revelaris Prep Automated Flash Chromatography Unit

Dionex UltiMate 3000 Semi-prep HPLC







Mass Spectrophotometry Unit

Flow Cytometry

Cell surface assays

Cell cycle evaluation

Apoptosis assay


Key Instrumentation

Beckman Coulter CytoFLex Flow Cytometer

Inflammatory Testing

Nitric Oxide Secretion detection

Interleukin Interferon detection

Cox-1 and Cox-2 detection

NGF secretion detection

Key Instrumentation

Spark Tecan Plate Reader

Looking for support in order to develop your product?

Feel free to contact us in order to schedule a meeting.


Each of our clients is unique, with different expectations and requirements.  

With our technical knowledge and professional expertise, we are able to serve a diverse range of clients, such as:

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