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Natural products have long been a proven source of pharma discovery.  The renewed interest in the investigation of biologically active compounds of natural origin in the last decades, has led to the introduction of several important drugs, especially in the oncologic field.   Our team, composed of pharmacists, pharmacologists, cell biologists and biochemists, has been working towards the goal of isolating active compounds of plant origins. Aided by biologically lead assays, as well as structure-activity relationship and the synthesis of novel chemical entities, derivatives of the plant isolated molecules, we have achieved a library of molecules which are candidates for drug development against a variety of cancers, particularly for the treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
Our capabilities

R&D Strategies

Our team, composed of young researchers, has an inquisitive spirit and a strong desire to contribute to science by applying our knowledge to enhancing the quality of life and soothing the illnesses  of our generation. Our portfolio of natural-based molecules is built in a way that enables us to create a competitive pipeline and quickly and consistently deliver innovative products. Our vision is to become a global pharma innovator with strategic and competitive advantages in oncology.

          The real test for this team of excellent scientists
is  applying the high-quality research and leadership to positively change people’s lives.

          Our research capabilities and interests are grouped in 4 areas.

Cancer diseases
Neurosciences and Mental Health
Infection, Inflammation

      Our ongoing portfolio is based on the development of novel small molecule drugs derived from medicinal plants for the treatment of several cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. Inspired by nature, our group aims at improving the rate of satisfaction towards medical care in the future. Progress will only be achieved when we look back to where we came from and gain strength to develop initiatives that precisely address unmet medical needs.  

Interested to use our R&D capabilities to develop your own project?

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Our facilities

Our lab facilities

Some of the latest generation equipment available at our development site

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